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Remote Desktop Linux

Techstaff has a new Virtual Desktop service called vDesk 1). vDesk is currently designed to assist with CS remote study, and especially visitors to CSIL. With vDesk, you can work with a remote Linux GUI through either your browser or a downloadable application (recommended).

Note: There are currently NO GPU systems available on the vDesk infrastructure. 2)

Two Ways to Connect

The application is a better option than the browser client.

Application Download (optional)

First, Download and install NoMachine Enterprise Client, then read our Client Connection Guide.

Web Browser

The browser works well, but you might want to read about browser caveats and frustrations.

To get started using the browser, click and bookmark the vDesk Login Link. 3)

report problems to
Not to be confused with Virtual Help Desk Service
Need a CS Account? Request CS Account
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