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Why is there a quota?

The quota exists only to protect the server, not hinder you in your work. You can always request more. Don't be surprised if we ask why you need it, this isn't intended to give us a reason to say no, just to make sure you don't go doing anything silly. For example, running VM inside your home directory.

If the request is very large we will usually try to accommodate you in some other manner. It helps a lot if you can tell us your goals, so we may help you achieve them.

Check your quota

To check your quota use the command 'csquota' which is just a wrapper script around 'quota' (because bugs). You should see something like this:

user@computer:~$ csquota
Filesystem                                  space   quota  limit  grace    918M   2000M  2500M  15296
space denotes how much space you are currently using.
quota The maximum amount of disk usage a quota user has.
limit Hard limit works only when grace period is set. It specifies the absolute limit on the disk usage, which a quota user can't go beyond his hard limit.
grace The time limit before the soft limit is enforced.

Ok my quota is full. How do figure out what is using all the disk space

The command du. Move along.

"Ok but for real I don't have time to read the man page right now. I need to get my homework done!"
$ du -csh $HOME/* $HOME/.??* | sort -h | tail
4.0K    /home/user/.keras
4.0K    /home/user/.lesshst
4.0K    /home/user/.python_history
8.0K    /home/user/.compiz
136K    /home/user/.config
83M     /home/user/.gem
87M     /home/user/.cache
141M    /home/user/distro
320M    /home/user/.local
631M    total
du -csh Calculate file and directory usage. (c) Show total ; (s) recurses down to calculate, but only shows total for input arguments(files or directories) ; (h) human readable file size;
$HOME/* All files, no dot files
$HOME/.??* All files that start with a dot(.) and have at least two characters
sort -h sort the input by human readable file size
tail Only show me the last 10 lines

Networked vs Local Storage

If you are working with larger datasets we do not recommend you store these in your home directory. Please create yourself a folder in /local on whatever machine you have access to and put your data there.

Generally, your home directory is not going to be great to use for any heavy read and write application.

  $ mkdir /local/$USER
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