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Getting Started

Our Technical Support Staff maintains the department's desktop machines, servers and Linux labs, located primarily in John Crerar Library. These machines run a variety of operating systems, including Linux and Mac OS X. If you have questions, problems, or suggestions, you are welcome to contact them by sending email to, phoning 773-702-1031, or visiting the Techstaff office in Crerar 364.

The following is provided to help acquaint newcomers with computing at the University of Chicago.


University-wide computing services are managed by Information Technology Services, or, as they are commonly known, ITS. ITS arranges for everything from the network and telephone wiring in the walls to licensing of software to students and departments.

Among other things, ITS is responsible for managing the university e-mail system, with end-user service provided through Office 365 (for faculty and staff) and Gmail (for students). Please refer to their page with more information on UChicago e-mail services.

What You Need To Do First

Do the following in the order they appear.

Claim CNETid

In order for you to start computing on campus and in the Computer Science Department, you will need to claim your CNETid. Claim CNETid

Request a CS account

Accessing Your CS Account

When your account is active, you will be notified by email sent to your address. Please read these instructions for accessing your account.

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