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Microsoft Office Licensing

All info contained on this page is subject to change after June 30, 2018 when the Microsoft Campus Agreement ends.

This document does not necessarily represent what is actually true, because that can change at any time. Though we can proceed being reasonably assured the methods described below are how ITS and Microsoft wants it to be.

This information was compiled in part with an email exchange with someone who works in procurement.

Please remember that the information contained on this page is not guaranteed to be up to date. The University may change or get these terms changed on them. I had to ask around for the rules on this, because there didn't seem to be a canonical place for all of this information.

"[O]ur current campus agreement (CA) contract ends June 30, 2018. Microsoft has made significant changes to the contract and operations but this group is not in those discussions."

Acquiring a copy to install

For Students

MS Office 2016 is free to U of C students via OnTheHub. Each student can get one license that can be installed on 2 computers.

For Staff and Faculty

Personal Computer

If Staff and Faculty are looking to put Office on their computers, as of 2017-12-13, they can get a copy at the same OnTheHub site that students get it but it is not free. Windows upgrade is also available but can go on one computer only, not 2 and they also, can only get one license.

This option to staff and faculty may be gone with the next contract.

University owned computer

Staff and Faculty can get it for free for use on University owned computers (even if that computer is at the staff or faculty person's home) via UChicago Box by claiming their Box account and clicking on the University of Chicago Software folder.


What you agree to when installing Microsoft Office (The short unofficial version)

Is a user in violation of the agreement if they had paid and installed Office 2016 previously once this option is gone in the next contract?

Yes, you may be in violation if you continue to use a license that is no longer part of the agreement.

How would a user know they were in violation?

According to ITS you won't necessarily be informed. They also don't have a way for you to stay informed about such things.

Staff and Faculty

If the user is staff or faculty using a Campus Agreement license from a previous contract that is no longer valid, whether they got it for free from Box or their departmental IT representatives or purchased the right to use it from OnTheHub, they can no longer use the software as per the software terms.


Students own the software, acquired via OnHub, once they have completed their course of study.

IT Related Questions

Is IT expected to keep control/act as a gatekeeper for this software?

No, not at the present time unless you are distributing it yourself. If you are, I would give the same terms we do, in the very poorly presented read me file of the same Box folder. We hope that soon, people accessing Box will see that before they can access the software but I am told it is a work in progress.

Microsoft tells us that we (all of IT) must take reasonable measures to notify the campus of the changes in the Campus Agreement. IT Services has not yet determined what measures those will be.

Certainly, those departments with known IT support will be notified of their responsibility but it won't involve any liability on their(IT) part if one of their users chooses not to remove the software from his/her personal computer once notified of the need to do so.

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