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The university provided vpn client.


When using the VPN all of your network traffic will be directed through the VPN. Therefore we encourage you to disable the VPN when you are finished with UChicago related work.

Some people may have reasons to leave the VPN on and should feel free to do so.

Not having access to your local network while the VPN is running/enabled is expected. ITS has disabled this feature (split tunneling) in the client.


There are instructions for all platforms on The instructions found here are supplementary to those.


Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. All can be downloaded from


ARM Based Macs (e.g. M1 Macbook)

Command line install should not be necessary anymore. I'm leaving the steps below just in case. Please email if you do find the below steps are necessary.

If you click through the installer it seems to fail, but you can still install the package via the command line.

% sudo arch -x86_64 installer -pkg "/Volumes/AnyConnect VPN 4.9.05042/anyconnect-macos-4.9.05042-core-vpn-webdeploy-k9.pkg" -target /
installer: Package name is AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client
installer: Installing at base path /
installer: The install was successful.

We use the arch command to tell Rosseta2 to translate this package from 64bit Intel (x86_64) to arm64 during the installation. The VPN will run normally after installation.



There are install instructions available once you've logged into

You might find it is easier to use SSH port forwarding . Though, in some cases the Cisco AnyConnect client might be required.

Connection Info

Connect To
Username CNETID
Password CNETID Password
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