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1. Log in remotely to the CS login server:


2. Check out your project directory from phoenixforge:

svn co

Replace 'your_cnet_username' with your CNetID. When prompted, enter your CNetID password.

3. Go to the checked out directory and create a new directory for hw2:

cd your_cnet_id-mpcs52010-spr-15
mkdir hw2

Note: You will create a new homework directory each time for each hw you submit i.e hw2, hw3 etc. This is very important so the TAs can locate your hw submission.

4. Copy all your files for submission to the directory you just created.

5. When done copying, add the new hw2 directory to the repository


svn add ~cs_username/your_cnetId-mpcs52010-spr-15/hw2

Finally, submit your work by committing it to the repository. The last step is very important! Do not forget this step otherwise we will not receive your submission.

svn commit -m "your_cnet_id hw2 submission" ~cs_username/your_cnetId-mpcs520101-spr-15/hw2


If you make changes to any of your files and want to resubmit (we will grade your last submitted copy before the submission deadline):

7. Edit your files in place in the directory you created or copy new ones to the directory to replace the ones already there. If you add new files that you did not previously commit, make sure to run 'svn add newfile' for each new file so that they are added to the repository i.e

cd hw2
svn add newfile1

8. Check in your latest submission

svn commit -m "your_cnet_username hw2 resubmission" hw2

If you experience any problems checking out your directory or with any of the steps above, please post your questions on piazza. You can test that your homework submission went through by checking out a fresh copy of your project directory:

If logged in to a cs server, from your home directory create a temporary subdirectory and checkout a fresh copy into it:

mkdir testdir
cd testdir
svn co

Navigate to the checked out directory. It should contain your submitted hw folder with all the files you submitted. If not, your initial commit did not go through. Repeat the steps to submit your homework or notify the course personnel on piazza.

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