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eduroam connection details

SSID/NetworkName eduroam
SecurityType WPA2-Enterprise
Encryption AES
Inner EAP Type MSCHAPv2
Identity (a.k.a. Username) Your CNetID
Password Your CNetID password
Anonymous Identity (leave blank)

Android users: You'll likely want to disable certificate validation and put in "" as the domain. If your phone says you must enter a CA certificate, try to select "Use system certificates."

uchicago-secure connection details

same as eduroam (above), except…

SSID/NetworkName uchicago-secure
Identity (a.k.a. Username) Your CNetID username

uchicago Network

We do not recommend using the uchicago wireless network. It is an unencrypted network which uses a captive portal for access, so it is significantly less secure that the two networks listed above. Additionally, in Crerar, it is configured to block most network traffic and protocols except web access. For example, SSH access to any systems will not work using the uchicago network.

Guest WiFi

Any faculty or staff member can sponsor someone to get them credentials to login into the SSID 'uchicago-guest'.

  1. Sign in with your CNETID credentials.
  2. You or the user can fill out the form. This will give them credentials to login to the SSID 'uchicago-guest'.

Note that, like the uchicago network, the uchicago-guest network blocks most network protocols except web traffic. For example, as of September 2021, it is not possible to make SSH connections using the uchicago-guest network. Fortunately, Zoom does work on the uchicago-guest network. This restriction is set by ITS, so you may wish to contact them with any requests to adjust it.

Conference WiFi

Please email A conference WiFi account requires a trusted agent to create.

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