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Securing a directory

You're here because you heard that this would a good idea. There are going to be many ways to ensure a directory is 'secure', but that will depend on your requirements.

I will assume that you are the only person that will need access to said directory. I also will not try to explain unix permissions to you. If you want to know more I suggest you read the link at the top of this page. Follow along below to create a directory that only you will be able to access.

Given a directory foo we can do the following:

chown $USER:$USER foo

$USER will translate to your username, but we recommend you actually type out your username. This will set the user and the group to $USER.

Now make sure that only the user field can has access to the directory.

chmod 700 foo

I have a directory structure full of files and I want to ensure no one else can read them

I got your back.

chmod -R go-rwx foo

  -R: recursive. 
  g: select group permission
  o: select other permission
  -: remove
  r: read permission
  w: write permission
  x: execute permission 

We are asking chmod to remove read, write, and execute permissions on the group and other permission fields.

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