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Git repositories for courses

Techstaff manages a local GitLab server ( that can be used to host Git repos for a course. In particular, Techstaff can create individual student repositories for every student registered in your class, and update the repositories periodically as enrollment changes (if a student registers for a class, it typically takes about an hour for their repository to be automatically created).

If you are an instructor and would like to request this service, please fill out this form:

And e-mail to let Techstaff know that you have filled out the form (we may have follow-up questions, and starting a ticket with Techstaff will help us to better keep track of your request)

If you would like to use team repos in your class, you can use a command-line tool called chisubmit to allow students to register for assignments in teams. Once a team registers for an assignment, a team repo will be automatically created for them. chisubmit can also be used to manage grading workflows, including distribution of repos to grades, managing extensions, etc.

If you are interested in using chisubmit, we suggest you check out the chisubmit documentation and, specially, the For Instructors section to get a sense of what chisubmit can (and cannot) do.

chisubmit is installed on the CS Linux machines. If you'd like to install it on your own machine, it is also available on PyPI.

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