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The official word on Adobe Single User licenses.

Named License

  1. $92/year for one product. $196/year for three or more products. $65/year deal for all students.
  2. The subscription term is fixed. (e.g. Sept. 28, 2023 through Sept. 27, 2024.)
  3. Orders can be placed by emailing Techstaff.
  4. Include the end-user name, UChicago email address, and Adobe product in the email to Tech Staff.
  5. Include if the end-user is a student if trying to purchase with the $65/year deal.
  6. After processing the order, an email invitation will be sent to the end user. The end user, should accept the invitation from the computer that will receive the installation.
  7. The end user will be prompted to log in with an Adobe ID and password or create one if he/she does not already have one. After logging in, he/she can begin the installation.
  8. Renewal notices go out to end users at the beginning of Sept.
  9. If unrenewed, the software can be used until Sept. 27, 2024.
  10. End users are allowed to install on 2 machines.
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