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Operating System and Network Access Support

Network Access

Private Network

If working on a machine that is connected to the private network you will not receive internet access. You will be able to connect to the campus networks, but not the Internet.

To facilitate the use of the internet, CS runs a proxy server which you can route your http traffic through. This is usually enough get the software you need installed.

Server details:

Usually, all you will need to do is to add the following to your .bashrc (given that you use the bash shell). Remember to replace 'hostonprivatenetwork' with the host you are working on that has a private network address. Otherwise, all of your traffic would traverse this proxy server, even if you are on a machine on the public network.

if [[ "${HOSTNAME}" == '' ]]; then
  export http_proxy=http://$MYPROXY
  export https_proxy=https://$MYPROXY
  export HTTP_PROXY=http://$MYPROXY
  export HTTPS_PROXY=https://$MYPROXY
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