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New desktops for CS Department

The department is replacing all Ph.D. student desktops.

Desktop details

The new desktops will have:

  • Faster, newer generation Intel processors with 8 cores/ 16 hyperthreads
  • Faster 16GB memory
  • Faster 512GB SSDs rather than hard disks .
  • All new desktops will have non-routable IP addresses. As a result, the desktops will not be directly addressable from outside the campus network. They will use NAT to reach the Internet in the same way that your devices do when they are connected to the campus wireless network. You will be able to connect to them via SSH from them by logging into another campus machine (for instance: and using SSH from there or by creating a proxy or tunnel as described here . If you require other services to be available outside the campus network, please speak to Techstaff and we can make arrangements after your current desktop has been decommissioned.

Desktop roles

The desktops will have two management roles:

  • Managed by Techstaff: Techstaff installs, configures, and maintains the operating system.
  • Self-managed: The student will be given a new desktop and will be responsible for configuring, building, and maintaining their own operating system. Each system will require that a techstaff account will be created with sudo privilege for the purpose of being able to inventory the system and in case of a security incident or problem that requires immediate action to prevent problems for others on the network.

Desktop installation

Techstaff wants to replace these systems as soon as is convenient for the students.

  • Please fill out the desktop form . A number of you have already done so, but there are additional questions regarding date of replacement, whether you have files that you need on your old computer, and whether you run services that will need to be accessible off campus. If the date is problematic for some reason, Techstaff will contact you about an adjustment.
  • Your current desktop will be replaced with a new desktop, keyboard, mouse, and 27" 4K monitor. Your current system will be turned off and removed.
  • If you have files on the computer, we will move the computer to the machine room and turn it on. The system will be available at your current IP address for 30 days to allow you to copy files that you require to your new system. After that time, the system will be turned off.
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