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Backup client.


Techstaff must authorize your email address before you can use this service. Please send an email requesting access.

Just send something like this to

Subject: I request access to Code42 backup EOM


The backup client setup is very simple to so we encourage you to install the client software yourself.

If you have trouble with the Code42 client installation or setup, please contact us via or Discord.

Download the installer

Download the Code42 Client installer .

For Windows users, If you're not sure whether you're running 64-bit or 32-bit Windows, try the 64-bit client first.

Managed Macs

If your Mac is managed by Techstaff AND has been added to the management server there will be an app called 'Managed Software Center'. Open it and there will be an option to install "Code42".


Generic setup instructions that also cover Linux installs are available from Code42.

Please Note: The Installer is named "Code42" but the software it installs on Windows and Mac systems is named "CrashPlan".

Post Install

  1. Run the newly-installed "CrashPlan" client software.
  2. On first-run, you'll be prompted for a "username" and a Backup server Destination Address.
    Backup Destination:
  3. You should then get redirected to the standard UChicago web login site. Authenticate there with your CNetID credentials to finish up the client setup.

Note for Microsoft Windows setups: When prompted to pick an "Installation type" during the Client installation, we recommend you select the "Only for Me" option instead of the default "Everyone (all users)" default option. "Everyone (all users)" will backup all user accounts on the computer under your Code42 account, which might be preferred in some situations, but it seems to cause some Windows systems to have problems with entering Sleep mode. More info here

Backup Multiple User Accounts on One Device

What can I expect from the client?

Code42/CrashPlan will run in the background on your computer, backing up data as needed whenever you are connected to the Internet.

The initial backup may take many days to complete. The client runs continuously in the background, but it only uses a limited amount of resources while you are actively using your computer. After the initial full backup, only new files and changes to old files will get backed-up. This process will happen continuously and more or less 'immediately'.

What gets backed up?

The Code42 client will not backup every file on your computer. By default, some utilitarian Windows and MacOS directories and file types are ignored.

It will back up all User Files in Home Directories. If you are using a recent version of MacOS and would like to back up places such as your desktop, mail, and documents, you will need to enable full-disk access.

If you have personal files or directories on your computer that you do not want backed-up to a UChicago service, you should configure your backup client software to explicitly exclude those from your Backup set.

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