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Swift Kickstart with Rclone (demo)

Swift is in preview mode and should not be used for anything important. The current cluster will be destroyed and data may be removed without notice 1) . Additionally, you will need to have a conversation with Techstaff to setup a project scope before you can follow these instructions.

Obtain Application Credentials

1 Login to Web Application

First, accept the certificate and login to The Dashboard with your CNetID and password.
important: Write csldap in the domain field of the login page.

2 Create Application Credentials

Using the menu on the left, select "Identity → Application Credentials" to access the Application Credentials Interface interface. Click the "+ Create Application Credential" button and fill out the form.
Be sure to download the application credentials after submitting the form

Credentials Advice:

  • Make the expiration date memorable such as your birthdate.
  • Leave secret blank and give your application admin privileges (*not* unrestricted).
  • Read the guide text on the form page

For example

3 Install and Configure rclone

RClone is a swift client used as an example in this guide. Download and install rclone using the Install Guide . For this example, rclone binary was unpacked to a unprivileged user directory on the path.

Configuration of rclone should be simplified as below

$ cat ~/.config/rclone/rclone.conf 
type = swift
env_auth = true
auth_version = 3

Save your Application Credentials that you downloaded in the previous step, and include them in your shell's environment before running rclone:

source ~/
./rclone sync /home/chudler/backup_data techstaff:backup_current --backup-dir techstaff:backup_$(date -I)


  • Rcode returns 404 after/during authentication. Change the application environment file OS_AUTH_URL variable, as below.
export OS_AUTH_URL=
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