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-There are a few issues to be listed here, such as:+====== Browser Usage ======
-Safari is known not to work, but has also been seen to workIt is an unknown at this point what to expect. +The browser is second-class to the [[ techstaff:​vdesk:​client | Client Connection Method ]]What it lacks it makes up for in convenienceYou might find it necessary ​to use the browser ​if you are unable to install ​software. ​\\
-- Audio NEVER seems to work over the browser+
-- The browser limits the software ​to basic keystrokes, so some keystrokes such as "​alt-tab"​ do not always have the intended effect. +
-- Advanced features such as file sharing (drag & drop) and clipboard sharing do work, but with mixed results depending on specifics.+
-On the plus side, the browser is a quick as the client ​and is convenient ​and familiar+ 
 +===== Issues ===== 
 +There are a few issues that won't or can't be fixed due to technology limitations. This page lists some of what has been noted.\\ 
 +* Safari may not to work under all circumstancesbut has also been seen to work. It is an unknown at this point what to expect. Firefox and Chrome are known to work. \\ 
 +* Audio NEVER seems to work over the browser.\\ 
 +* The browser is limited to basic keystrokes. Some tools such as "​alt-tab"​ do not always have the intended effect.\\ 
 +* Advanced features such as file sharing (drag & drop) and clipboard sharing **do work**, but with reduced reliability. 
 +===== How to Use the Browser ===== 
 +Bookmark ​and login to the site at [[ https://​ | https://​ ]]
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