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 =====UChicago CS VM===== =====UChicago CS VM=====
-The current version ​of the UChicago CS VM is **201718.1-rc1**. [[https://​​shared/​static/​6d0k4vitxnocsmu7tdke5xtkibejdfx1.ova|Download OVA file]] (5.7GB)+The Department ​of Computer Science provides an Ubuntu 20.04 virtual machine image that approximates ​the software environment found on the department'​s physical computers and login servers.
 +The current version of the UChicago CS VM is **202122.2** \\ Download OVA File:  [[https://​​shared/​static/​7zh945wkuvg0oy6lmgubbm4qsozr7i1w.ova|Box]][[http://​​class_vms/​uchicago-cs-vm_202122.2.ova|UChicago]] (5.8 GB) \\ MD5: d75e2980130ca25742f6cdfdfcd45474 ​
 +The VM has a ''​student''​ account with password ''​uccs''​. This account has sudo privileges on the VM.
 +For instructions on how to run the VM, see [[vm:​install|Installing and Running the UChicago CS VM]]. We also have a a guide for running the VM in [[vm:​headless|Headless Mode]] and a [[vm:​faq|FAQ]] with common issues.
 Past VM images can be found in the [[vm:​archive|VM Archive]]. Past VM images can be found in the [[vm:​archive|VM Archive]].
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