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 ===Editing your CS directory entry=== ===Editing your CS directory entry===
-==Login to the CS website== 
-* Browse to http://​ 
-* At the bottom of the page, in the area known as the "​footer",​ beneath the University of Chicago phoenix crest, there will be a string "​@"​ followed by a year.  Click on the "​@"​. 
-* Enter your CNetID and password and authenticate 
-* //If this is your first time logging into the site, you will need to contact [[|techstaff]] to request that the permissions be set to allow editing// 
-==Editing your entry== 
 +To update your directory entry on the new (as of fall 2018) computer science web site, please e-mail the [[|CS webmaster]]. ​ Ability to self-edit directory entries may be added in the future, at which point this page will be updated with instructions.
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