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Linux1,3,4,5 rebuilt with Ubuntu 20.04

  1. Linux2 is available for use right now.
  2. linux1,2,3 are now available.
  3. linux4,5 are now available.
  4. All servers are back in the linux.cs round robin.

vdesk service is rebuilt

I expect the service to stay up, mostly. Nodes will be going up and down depending on when they get rebuilt so expect disconnections if you HAVE to use this service.

  • All login nodes upgraded without downtime of the service.
  • Short amount of downtime expected when upgrading the vdesk load balancer.


Peanut Slurm Cluster rebuild to 20.04

  1. Rebuild of all nodes to 20.04
  2. user to slurmdbd sync took longer than expected.
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