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-====== Scan to Email ====== 
-The CS department has two Xerox WorkCenter scanners. Each scanner has the ability to scan pages to email. ​ The recipient will receive a PDF file.  This is a quick and easy method of generating and transferring a scan to an individual. ​ The instructions below are specific to the JCL214 scanner, use default configurations,​ and assume loose pages. ​   
-Place pages in intake tray. 
-  - Press silver "​Service Home" button at top left of control panel. 
-  - Select the "​Mail"​ option in the middle of the top row on the screen. 
-  - There are two methods of entering recipients: 
-  - Type address into text field. ​ Enter each address and press "​Add"​ to add another one.  Once you have finished adding addresses, press "​Close"​. ​ You can select each address and select options from the pop-up menu.  Among them are "Add to Cc:", "Add to Bcc:", and "Add to device directory"​. ​ The last one will add the address to the device directory and will allow you to select rather than type it in the future. 
-  - Select "​Device address directory"​ and select saved addresses from there. 
-  - Select "​Subject"​ from the right hand options. ​ This will allow you to set the subject line of the email. ​ You should consider making it a filename because what you choose for the subject will be the default filename in the Filename object below. ​ You should make it descriptive,​ unique, and it should have a "​.pdf"​ extension. ​ It is best not to use spaces in the filename. 
-  - You can change options from the "​Output color",​ "​2-sided",​ and "​Original type" buttons at the bottom of the display.  ​ 
-  - Once completed, press large green "​Start"​ button at the right of the control panel.