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Scan to Email

The CS department has two Xerox WorkCenter scanners. Each scanner has the ability to scan pages to email. The recipient will receive a PDF file. This is a quick and easy method of generating and transferring a scan to an individual. The instructions below are specific to the JCL214 scanner, use default configurations, and assume loose pages.

Place pages in intake tray.

  1. Press silver "Service Home" button at top left of control panel.
  1. Select the "Mail" option in the middle of the top row on the screen.
  1. There are two methods of entering recipients:
  2. Type address into text field. Enter each address and press "Add" to add another one. Once you have finished adding addresses, press "Close". You can select each address and select options from the pop-up menu. Among them are "Add to Cc:", "Add to Bcc:", and "Add to device directory". The last one will add the address to the device directory and will allow you to select rather than type it in the future.
  3. Select "Device address directory" and select saved addresses from there.
  4. Select "Subject" from the right hand options. This will allow you to set the subject line of the email. You should consider making it a filename because what you choose for the subject will be the default filename in the Filename object below. You should make it descriptive, unique, and it should have a ".pdf" extension. It is best not to use spaces in the filename.
  5. You can change options from the "Output color", "2-sided", and "Original type" buttons at the bottom of the display.
  6. Once completed, press large green "Start" button at the right of the control panel.
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