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 +=====Divergent Perspectives=====
 +Multiple roles and corresponding information screens exist within the site. Roles correspond to your relationship with The University, and are granted by automated processes. Users can belong to multiple roles simultaenously,​ and site functionality is additive. Some typical roles held include ''​Instructor'',​ ''​Student'',​ ''​Advisor''​. Additionally,​ staff users carry non-contextual //meta roles// which also enable site privileges such as ''​Student Admin'',​ ''​ROOT'',​ and others. See, [[techstaff:​gradmin:​roles]] for more information.
 +Your role will determine what you see after [[techstaff:​gradmin:​login]]. If you know your role now, check these pages. If you do not know your role, after login the site will indicate what roles you have. See also [[techstaff:​gradmin:​determine_my_roles]]
 +  * [[ techstaff:​gradmin:​student_main| Student Role - Main Page ]]
 +  * [[ techstaff:​gradmin:​admin_main | Instructor/​Advisor -  Main Page ]]
 +  * [[ techstaff:​gradmin:​admin_main | Admin - Overview ]]
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