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 ===== Jupyter Notebook Tips ===== ===== Jupyter Notebook Tips =====
 ==== Batch ==== ==== Batch ====
-?+The process for a batch job is very similar.
 +NODEIP=$(hostname -i)
 +NODEPORT=$(( $RANDOM + 1024))
 +echo "ssh command: ssh -N -L 8888:$NODEIP:$NODEPORT `whoami`"
 +. ~/myenv/bin/activate
 +jupyter-notebook --ip=$NODEIP --port=$NODEPORT --no-browser
 +Check the output of your job to find the ssh command to use when accessing your notebook.
 +Make a new ssh connection to tunnel your traffic. The format will be something like:
 +''%%ssh -N -L 8888:###.###.###.###:####''
 +This command will appear to hang since we are using the -N option which tells ssh not to run any commands including a shell on the remote machine.
 +Open your local browser and visit: ''%%http://localhost:8888%%''
 ==== Interactive ==== ==== Interactive ====
   - ''%%srun --pty bash%%'' run an interactive job   - ''%%srun --pty bash%%'' run an interactive job
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