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-==== Creating a load balancer ====+You can't use these recipes unless you have an account. Check the [[ cloud:intro | Introduction ]] for how.
-<code> +  * [[recipe:lb | Creating Load Balancer]] 
-openstack loadbalancer create --vip-network-id VLAN164 --name my-lb +  * [[cloud:recipe:s3 | S3 Quickstart]] 
-openstack loadbalancer listener create --name listen-http --protocol HTTP --protocol-port 80 my-lb +  * [[cloud:recipe:swift | Swift Quickstart]] 
-openstack loadbalancer listener create --name listen-https --protocol HTTPS --protocol-port 443 my-lb +  * [[cloud:recipe:docker Containers Quickstart]] 
-openstack loadbalancer pool create --name pool-http --lb-algorithm ROUND_ROBIN --listener pool-http --protocol HTTP +  * [[cloud:recipe:coding | Python Cloud-Coding ]] 
-openstack loadbalancer pool create --name pool-https --lb-algorithm ROUND_ROBIN --listener pool-https --protocol HTTPS +  * [[cloud:recipe:gpu | GPU ]]
- +
-cat virtual_hosts.txt while read host; +
-do  +
-  openstack loadbalancer member create --subnet-id 9f9a73fd-2a98-4cfb-ac43-645b119e0135 --address $host --protocol-port 80 pool-http +
-  openstack loadbalancer member create --subnet-id 9f9a73fd-2a98-4cfb-ac43-645b119e0135 --address $host --protocol-port 443 pool-https +
-done +
-</code> +
- +
-===The Result=== +
- +
-A free IP is taken from VLAN164 and an HAProxy instance listens for HTTP and HTTPS traffic on ports 80, 443. Any traffic to those ports will be sent to a health (responding) virtual instance on the subnet id 9f9a73fd-2a98-4cfb-ac43-645b119e0135.+
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